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Douglas Cameron

Only recently have we humans realized that evolution is a computational process. Evolution is the mechanism that produces the diversity of life. It is the natural procedure for discovery that is used by DNA and can also be used by a computer. When this natural discovery technique is used in software it is known as the genetic algorithm - 'genetic' because it is inspired by natural genes, and 'algorithm' because it is a logical procedure.

What is the genetic algorithm?

About Genetical: Although the word genetical appears to abuse the English language, it is indeed found in the dictionary. The British computer scientist Alan Turing first used the term in 1948(*) to describe the similar processes behind evolution and natural intelligence. Here in it is used with the same intent, to speak of both the neural and the genetic patterns that propagate by random change and selective amplification.

This site is predominantly the work of Douglas Cameron and I use it as a central location to present my development and consulting work. As a physicist and computer scientist I develop technical and scientific software.

I provide consulting services in software development related to scientific instrumentation, numerical simulation, optimization and pattern recognition. My specialties are the use of applied mathematics for computation and optimization. Some of that work involves developing software to assist in finding patterns in large databases. These usually involve text, HTML, genome or financial transaction data and the pattern search is usually based on sophisticated statistical analysis and the genetic algorithm. In cases where run-time speed is important the AlphaSquared C++ Code Library and a specialized library of genetic algorithms are used.

Some public examples of computational chemistry and physics projects included simulating electron diffraction of molecules and simulating ion motion in a Paul trap. Both of these projects required numerical computation, visual interface design, and object oriented programming in C++. The customary software tools are C++ for large or computationally intense projects and Mathematica™ for early testing and exploration. LabView™ can be used for some projects. When computational speed is paramount, a bit of assembly language is also possible although in the past we have used alternative methods.

I also provide web site hosting and design for a few friends, family, and business.

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(*) For a description of Alan Turing's use of the word genetical see Craig Webster's Unorganized machines and the brain or the book, Turing's Connectionism. The original source is A.M. Turing, 'Intelligent Machinery'. National Physical Laboratory Report 1948 published in Machine Intelligence 5, B. Meltzer, D. Michie (eds) 1969, pp. 3-23. Also available in Collected Works of A.M. Turing: Mechanical Intelligence, D.C. Ince (ed) 1992.