Molecule Viewing Controls

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Most of the recent AlphaSquared programs have graphical buttons for controlling molecular viewing. This is documented for any older applications.

Rotation and Translation
arrow keys rotate molecule
(compliment of arrow keys)
translate molecule
Home, PageUp rotate about user view axis
'-' minus key zoom out
'+' plus key zoom in
Ins Del or 0 . changes amount of parallax distortion
PageDown, End move molecule nearer or farther
b (bond) toggle bond display
l (length) toggle bond length display
# (number) toggle atomic number display
n (name) toggle atomic symbol
c toggle coordination number
a toggle atoms as spheres mode
s toggle thru atom size modes:  natural neutral size, scaled by atomic number, identical size.
< > decrease/increase atom size
Atom Hiding
h (hide) toggle display of atoms behind z=0 (screen) plane
H (hide) toggle display of atoms in front of z=0 (screen) plane
( ) decrease or increase minimum coordination number threshold requirement for visible atoms
i invert coordination number threshold
3D Mode


toggles 3D mode for red/green glasses
Independent Axis Control
x y z selects active axis to be controlled
* / changes scale of only active axis
5 or space redraw view
F1 abbreviated keyboard help